HCF Dental Chatswood – 2017: What You Need to Know

HCF Dental Chatswood – 2017: What You Need to Know

HCF, or the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia is one of the country’s largest joint registered private health fund and life insurance providers. Because of its leading services it has captured a huge market to become the 3rd largest health insurance company by market share; and the largest non-profit health fund in the country.

The Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia provides private health insurance cover for a complete range of health insurance policies. This not-for-profit insurer provides cover for pets and vehicles, in addition to an outstanding range of life insurance options.

It operates several dental centres in metropolitan Sydney and its environs, allowing members access to affordable healthcare. Members with the extras cover can enjoy a range of no-gap services at the various HCF Dental Centres across metropolitan Sydney and beyond.

To ensure the best service for its members, HCF partners with various healthcare providers — both clinics and individual practitioners. Thousands of dentists across New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia participate in the fund’s no-gap program.

This cooperation between the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia and various healthcare providers is extremely instrumental in facilitating treatment of various dental problems.

Patients with various dental problems can enjoy treatment from HCF partner clinics such as Simply Dental Chatswood. Getting your dental care from an HCF dentist Chatswood lets you enjoy efficient access to a wide range of services including;

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental crowns
  • White fillings
  • Dental bridges
  • Check-ups and cleaning
  • Tooth extraction
  • Root canal treatment

The no-gap policy for HCF members with the extras cover applies across the entire list of dental services offered by any HCF dentist Chatswood and dental clinics.

Simply Dental Chatswood encourages its members to understand the terms of their cover by discussing it with the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia as a way to facilitate quick and convenient processing of claims during treatment.

You can locate an HCF Dental Centre, HCF dentist Chatswood or other dental professionals participating in the fund’s 100% back More For Teeth program by looking them up in the HCF website.



Health insurance is top on the list of covers provided by HCF. It offers a More for You provider network through which members can enjoy a range of fully covered services.

HCF members on selected extras cover can access More for You no-gap services, subject to certain set limits.

Why such no-gap services are important

Australia’s publicly funded universal healthcare system, Medicare, does not normally cover everything. Some medical and dental treatments are either partially covered by Medicare or are not at all.

It is therefore always important to have a private healthcare plan to cater for what your public healthcare plan does not cover. Otherwise you’d have to pay for every medical treatment out of your pocket. Some treatments are expensive and can be quite burdening to pay for.

Still, private insurers often cover only up to a certain limit. Any hospital or treatment costs above that limit are paid by the patient. With no-gap services however, there are no out-of-pocket costs involved. Everything is covered by your private healthcare fund. That’s why no-gap policies are a great panacea to healthcare funding problems.


No gap policies

There are two different levels of no-gap arrangements that a doctor or a healthcare service provider can participate in.

  1. Known Gap cover

If a practitioner such as a dentist or doctor agrees to participate in a known gap cover scheme, you (the patient) will be required to pay some amount of out-of-pocket expenses, but these expenses are capped for you.

If your practitioner is participating in this kind of scheme, you will pay a known gap expense for every procedure that he or she performs. Being a capped figure, this out-of-pocket amount is often a smaller figure compared to what you’d pay if you got your treatment from a doctor who does not participate in any gap cover scheme.

Additionally, every expense you will be required to pay must be made known to you in writing before commencing treatment.

  1. No-Gap cover scheme

Loosely translated, this simply means there are zero out-of-pocket expenses for you to pay. All your costs are fully covered by your private healthcare fund when you get treated by a doctor or practitioner who participates in a No-Gap cover scheme.

Your fund covers for every procedure that the doctor administers. Doctors that participate in no-gap cover schemes enter an agreement to charge absolutely no medical gap fees as specified by your respective healthcare fund’s no-gap scheme.

HCF no-gap services

The insurer offers no-gap options for a range of healthcare services.

  • Eyes 

There is a 100 percent back on a range of prescription glasses you buy for your eyes when you are covered by HCF. This policy however does not include add-ons such as tinting, high index material or coatings. It however covers free digital retinal imaging with every eye test.

  • Teeth 

HCF no-gap policy provides for one or two fully covered check-ups every calendar year depending on your level of cover. It also provides for two fully covered mouthguards, with certain limits applied.

  • Hearing 

There’s a valuable discount or 100 percent back on high quality hearing aids from Blamey Saunders hears. Like other treatments covered in HCF no-gap scheme, hearing services are covered based on your level of cover and specific entitlements.

  • Backs 

HCF covers your initial consultation fully when your chiropractor or osteopath is a member of the no-gap scheme.

  • Muscles

You can enjoy one fully covered initial consultation with a participating physiotherapist per calendar year.

  • Feet 

There’s also a fully covered initial consultation with a podiatrist per calendar year if the practitioner is a participating member.


While you will have to do your homework and find out if your doctor participates in the HCF no gap scheme to enjoy these incentives, the same would not be the case for dental problems. All you have to do to enjoy these no-gap services is get treated by Simply Dental Chatswood which is a key HCF participating partner.


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