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Need an emergency filling to stop aggravating tooth pain? Want to brighten your smile for your next major event?

Or are you simply looking to keep your oral health intact by booking regular appointments with your dentist in Artarmon? No matter your reason for stopping by, you’ll leave Simply Dental’s Artarmon office with a smile on your face. Simply Dental Artarmon is a professionally-run business, servicing our patients in the North Sydney area with the highest quality dental care.

From dental scaling to biannual cleanings to intricate dental surgeries or tooth extractions, our knowledgeable dentists and supportive staff are available to everyone in our local community. Come in immediately for an initial dental consultation, and we’ll assist you every step of the way until you walk out with a beaming, happy grin.

As we are a bulk-billing clinic, we gladly accept all major health funds. Furthermore, if you have private health insurance, smaller payments can be expected depending upon the dental treatment needed.  So if you’re looking for toothache relief, to have a cracked filling repaired, or simply to keep your teeth pearly white, book an appointment with Simply Dental Artarmon today.


Fill in Your Smile with Dental Implants

Dental implants can be the answer to all of your smiling woes. Why not let our specialists help you boost your confidence, as well as your oral health?

Our dental staff will conduct a step-by-step analysis of your dental situation, giving you all of the important information to help you make an educated decision about your needs. Fill the gaps left by decayed teeth with dental implants, and allow us to use our latest technology to bring back your perfect smile.

After our highly-capable Artarmon dentists have replaced the natural roots of your teeth, the dental implants are then bonded firmly to the tooth socket, forming a strong foundation for the replacement tooth.


Strengthen Your Oral Health with Dental Crowns

Why waste the opportunity to optimise your smile when Simply Dental’s Artarmon office is here and ready to assist your needs?

If you suffer from badly damaged teeth, relying on the remainder of your exposed roots to support a general filling may simply cause more problems in the long run. It makes more long-term sense to restore the tooth with a crown instead.

Crowns, similar to dental bridges, are fixed prosthetic devices necessary for enhancing your smile. These can cement onto your existing teeth, giving you a reliable solution for consistent oral health, proper tooth alignment and improving their appearance altogether. You should restore your teeth with crowns if you find you’re experiencing weak teeth that need protecting; are in need of replacement fillings; want tooth restoration due to fractures, or have considered finishing touches on your root canal treatment.

Furthermore, it should be noted that our dental crown specialists never jeopardise our patients’ well-being. We utilise only the highest-quality Australian dental lab tools and equipment for safe handling and procedure work. We’ll address each patient’s needs accordingly, recommending only the most viable options for their specific health plan.


Fulfill Your Biannual Check-up Easily

Everyone should set aside time in their busy schedules for biannual cleaning appointments, consistently receiving check-ups, X-rays, cleaning and polishings, and fluoride treatments.

And at our nearby Simply Dental Artarmon office, you can benefit from any of these treatments with a simple call or walk-in service.

Since we are a health fund-oriented dental practice, the majority of our patients won’t need to shell out any out-of-pocket expenses for consistent check-ups and cleanings, giving you free service for oral health. What more could you ask for? Our supportive staff will work with each and every patient to conduct a comprehensive oral exam, inspecting your teeth, gums, and even your head and neck tissue for any abnormalities.

A certified dentist or hygienist will follow this visual check with charting your teeth to check for decay, probing the gums for swelling or redness, and taking X-rays to determine any issues between and under your teeth that’s not visible upon first inspection. Once your teeth are examined, the cleaning will commence, including scaling (removing tartar deposits), a jet polish to remove stains, application of fluoride, and preventative advice and treatment solutions for any issues found during the process.

For a free consultation, this check-up and clean procedure is undeniably worthwhile. So call our Simply Dental Artarmon office today to secure your suitable appointment time, and don’t let another day go by without considering your oral health.


Glamourise Your Smile with Artarmon’s Best Teeth Whitening Service

Who says you need to hand over tons of cash to get healthy, beautiful white teeth?

The truth is, you really don’t. In fact, there are multiple, affordable options for you to choose from depending on your needs, and they can be found right here at our Simply Dental Artarmon office. We’ll help you bring out that hidden celebrity smile by offering various ways for whitening your teeth.

For our in-chair office treatments, we offer professional whitening results in under an hour, using safe chemicals without any uncomfortable lighting. You’ll notice the changes immediately, for a blinding smile that will stop people in their tracks. If you’d rather try our take-home whitening kit, one of our skilled dentists will take moulds of your teeth to create specific trays for your mouth, allowing you to commit your time to home bleaching at your own disposal.

So, while teeth yellowing may be a natural occurrence typical of age, you don’t need to be stuck with unflattering stains forever.  After all, your confidence is partly dependent on your appearance. Don’t you want to present your smile to others in a genuine, natural way? Find out more about dental implants, dental crowns, and cosmetic dentistry by contacting our skilled team of professionals.

At Simply Dental, Artarmon, our friendly, experienced staff can answer all of your questions, giving you outstanding customer service and exceptional care.

Stop in for your perfect dental solution today!


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